“Unscrambling Myths: The Truth about Work, Wages, and Waivers”

We invite you to schedule a new presentation available for families, guardians, person-centered teams, “circles of support”, and advocates: “Unscrambling Myths: The Truth about Work, Wages, & Waivers”.  Topics of the presentation include: the impact of wages on SSI & Social Security, methods for retaining Medicaid even after SSI ends, managing patient liability, work incentives for SSI & Social Security, and steps we can all take today to help people with disabilities move toward self-sufficiency.  The presentation requires approximately 2 hours including time for questions and answers.

To schedule the presentation, contact: Jeff White, (MBA, CWIC) Quality Assurance Coordinator, Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities.  Email: jeff.white@ky.gov .  Phone: 502-564-4440


unscrambling myths

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