SCL & MPW Participant Rights

Supports for Community Living and Michelle P Waiver

Participant Rights

  1. The right to access accurate and easy-to-read information.
  2. The right to be treated with dignity and respect and to maintain one’s dignity and individuality.
  3. The right to voice grievances and complaints regarding services and supports that are furnished, without fear of retaliation, discrimination, coercion, or reprisal.
  4. The right to a choice of approved service provider(s).
  5. The right to accept or refuse services.
  6. The right to be informed of and participate in preparing the Person Centered Plan of Care and any changes in the Plan of Care.
  7. The right to be advised in advance of the provider(s) who will furnish services and the frequency and duration of services.
  8. The right to confidential treatment of all information, including information in the participant’s record(s).
  9. The right to receive services in accordance with the current Person Centered Plan of Care.
  10. The right to be informed of the name, business, telephone number, and business address of the person supervising the services and how to contact the person.
  11. The right to have property and residence treated with respect.
  12. The right to be fully informed of any cost share liability and the consequences if any cost share is not paid.
  13. The right to review the individual participant’s records upon request.
  14. The right to receive adequate and appropriate services without discrimination.
  15. The right to be free from mental, verbal, sexual, and physical abuse, neglect, exploitation, isolation, corporal or unusual punishment, including interference with daily functions of living.
  16. The right to be free from mechanical, chemical, or physical restraints.
  17. The right to live and work in an integrated setting.
  18. The right to time, space and opportunity for personal privacy.
  19. The right to communicate, associate, and meet privately with the person of choice.
  20. The right to send and receive unopened mail.
  21. The right to retain and use personal possessions, including clothing and personal articles.
  22. The right to private, accessible use of a telephone or cell phone.