Vision / Mission / Core Beliefs

Given the values of the CLiK owners, employees, contractors, and people served, CLiK embraces the following:

Our Vision for the future is:

Community Living in Kentucky, LLC (CLiK)’s vision is for all participants to be treated with dignity, value, and respect; to support each participant to live life to its greatest potential and be fully participating members of his or her community.

Our Mission as an organization is:

Community Living in Kentucky, LLC (CLiK)’s mission is to work collaboratively with participants, family members, friends and community partners in offering individualized supports tailored to each person’s unique needs with the goal of empowering them to make informed choices regarding life decisions, establish and maintain natural supports, and develop competencies that promote inclusion in the life of their community.

At the foundation of CLiK are the following Core Beliefs

  • Participants should have the opportunity to live in the community of their choice with effective, individualized assistance.
  • Participants should have opportunities to be fully contributing citizens of their communities; enjoying living and working in the community of their choice.
  • Participants should be safe, healthy and respected in their communities

We Value and Will Strive to Provide Services That:

  • Support participant empowerment and informed decision-making
  • Support participants to form and remain connected to natural support networks.
  • Support participant dignity and self-worth
  • Support Person Centered team meetings to ensure and promote the participants right to choose, be participating members in their communities, be employed, grow as an individual and assert their right to privacy
  • Support a restraint-free environment where use of mechanical restraints, seclusion, manual restraints including any manner of prone or supine restraint or chemical restraints shall be prohibited.
  • Support and utilize person-centered and/or family-centered processes addressing what is important to and important for the participant.
  • Support and ensure satisfactory outcomes leading to relationships, dignity, choice, real contribution and inclusion in community life.

We are ultimately measured by what we do to improve the lives of others.

In sum, CLiK is committed to helping individuals and their families achieve their dreams, while benefiting the larger community in the process.