New Program Director- Cindy Flewallen!



CLiK would like to welcome our new Program Director, Cindy Flewallen to our agency!


Cindy Flewallen, BS

Cindy has over thirteen years experience in the intellectual/developmental disabilities field. Cindy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in 2012 in Psychology & Counseling. She also earned her Associates degree in Business Management in 2010. Cindy believes that personal liberties are essential to human dignity & human happiness.

To contact Cindy Flewallen, BS, please call our office at (270)843-5300!

Welcome Cindy!

Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy

CLiK is now accepting new Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy patients! Most major insurances accepted!

CLiK provides Speech, Occupational, & Physical Therapy services for individuals on the Michelle P. Waiver, Supports for Community Living Waiver, & EPSDT Program as well!

Please contact our office at (270) 843-5300 for more information, or by email at!

Physical Therapy Clinic

Did you know that CLiK, LLC now has an in-office PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINIC? Most major insurances accepted. Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mike Kennedy, is Clinical Director. Now accepting new patients!

Please contact our office at (270) 843-5300 for more information!


Thank You to First Southern National Bank!


CLiK would like to say a BIG Thank You to First Southern National Bank of Bowling Green for their generous donation to help out some of our participants in need! The support of people like you make it possible for our agency provide support for our participants and make this community a great place to live!

Thank You again to First Southern National Bank for your support!

July is National Fragile X Awareness Month!

The month of July is National Fragile X Awareness Month, an extension of Fragile X Awareness Day (July 22), which is officially recognized by Congress to increase awareness and advocacy for Fragile X.

Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability and the most common known genetic cause of autism. Individuals with FXS can experience developmental delays ranging from mild to severe. To learn more about FXS and other Fragile X-associated Disorders (FXDs) go to:

Did you know that:
Fragile X syndrome is the leading known inherited cause of intellectual disability, and leading known genetic cause of autism?

Fragile X syndrome occurs in both males and females? Females generally have less severe symptoms.

Fragile X syndrome can cause developmental and language delays, learning impairment, and behavioral and mental health issues?

To see more Facts visit:


PBSS of the Month- August: Leslie Birdwhistell & Maha Almuhareb!

CLiK would like to highlight Positive Behavior Support Specialists of the month, Leslie Birdwhistell & Maha Almuhareb:


Leslie Birdwhistell:

“Leslie has worked as a PBSS at CLiK since April 2013. She has a Master of Social Work from WKU. She is currently taking courses to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Leslie has a strong background in working with families with children with a variety of behavioral issues. Her favorite aspect of her work is partnering with families to solve their problems and experience the joy of successful outcomes.

Leslie lives in Bowling Green with her son (age 17) and daughter (age 11). She enjoys travel and spending time with friends and family. She is currently training for her first half marathon in January 2015. “


Leslie Birdwhistell, MSW, CSW

Maha Almuhareb:

“Hello, my name is Maha Almuhareb. Working in the mental health field is a goal I had since I was in high school. I started achieving my goal by getting my bachelors in Psychology and then my masters in Clinical Psychology. I worked in the mental health field for about 6 years and I joined CLiK in March of this year. As Noam Shpancer once said, “Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you are going.” Our role is to provide a variety of evidence based tools and techniques to make your process a success. I am very fortunate to work for CLiK and meet the amazing families I am working with now.”


Maha Almuhareb, MA


** If you would like to contact Positive Behavior Support Specialists Leslie Birdwhistell or Maha Almuhareb, please call our office at (270)843-5300!**

NBTR Smart Cards 2014!

CLiK would like to share a message from New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding:

“It is that time of year again for SMART CARDS! Contact New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding today to purchase your 2014 SMART CARD.

They have made NEW improvements to the 2014 card.
28 new coupons from locations in BG. Smartphone App that is FREE to download. Perfect for when you do not have your card with you.
And a new “Tax Receipt” to track your donation.

The best part is that NBTR will receive $12 for EVERY card sold at $20. This year we will be receiving these cards before the schools do so purchase your cards today!

Feel free to email at or call at 270.777.3600 and let us know how many cards you would like to have.”


“Food Chaining: How to Expand a Picky Eater’s Diet”

Since feeding involves all sensory systems (sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste), eating is the most difficult sensory task that children face. Feeding issues are especially common in children with autism, including those with Aspergers, because of difficulties with sensory processing. In many cases, this leads to eating challenges at mealtimes.

Click the link below to read more of this very informative and useful article on Food Chaining:

“Why Parent Training is So Important for Families Coping with Autism”

From the Huffington Post:

Julian Hung’s son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of two and a half. His son has since had three years of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) therapy and has made tremendous progress. Julian is writing this blog with the hope that other parents might benefit from his experience.

Click the link below to read more of this informative article on the importance of training and ABA Therapy:

Major Medicaid Breakthrough Announced for Autism!

WASHINGTON, DC (July 8, 2014) — In a major victory for Medicaid coverage of autism, a federal agency has directed the states to cover medically necessary treatments for autism for children and young adults, including behavioral health treatments such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). An estimated one-third of all children with autism receive primary coverage through Medicaid.

Click the link below to continue reading more of this article: