The following are testimonials from individuals, families, employees, case managers, and funding sources:

 “I love Bailey! I see 100% improvement. It’s working!”


“It has been a great experience! We have learned so much! My daughter has learned so much!”


“I can’t say enough. She’s a 10! There have been improvements by leaps and bounds!”


“Alessa has effected a miraculous change in his life. He is a different person from when I met him three years ago.”


“PBSS has been very helpful and we have made tremendous progress.”


“Carrie is just awesome! I don’t know what we would do without her!”


“Great to work with & program over all is great! I am a school principal and I recommend your program often!”


“PBSS Katie is absolutely wonderful! I could go on and on, such a great support. She goes above and beyond. She is great! ”


“Jo Beth is really good with my son! She is very sweet.”


“CLiK has helped me make a clear schedule which is important to me.  Now I get out of the house and it’s a good thing because I’m getting used to it now.  All the people are very kind.  They help my mom and me.”


“Best Positive Behavior Support Specialist we’ve had! Tony’s great!”


” PBSS Andrea is fabulous. Visuals, step-by-step instructions, keeps us in the loop. Highly impressed with her. She researches, provides, and sends information and is very thorough and trains us. Hands on!!”

“Behavior supports are very important to me and my family!”


“CLiK has helped our whole family so much!”

“Thank you all so much for my son’s help and helping me!  Thank you!!”


 “I have seen an improvement since speech therapy started.”
“Alessa is so helpful with everything!! We just really like her! She is almost like part of our family.”
“Jami is great! She’s a great addition and I look forward to seeing what comes of it!”

“Casey has been of great help to us so far.”


“Personnel working with my dependent are very knowledgeable about their work and are considerate to advise when schedules need to be changed ahead of time.  All are very caring with my dependent.”


“CLiK exceeds our expectations!”


“Our PBSS is wonderful!”


“Very pleased with your services!”